Aurora Group
Southeast Asian Operations with Global Reach

About Aurora Group
Aurora Group is made up of several specialized companies with a large network of partners around the world. Aurora Group's companies have a strong foothold and a large network throughout Southeast Asia, with comprehensive access to this growing market.
Our Projects:
Aurora Group's projects range from general trading and natural resources to high-tech industries.
Import / Export
We can supply a variety of medical goods and equipment (including the full range of Covid-19 PPE that is manufactured in Indonesia) from Indonesia to the international market, and also serve as an importer of a wide range of equipment into Indonesia (light and heavy machinery, mining equipment, electronics, IT)
Gold Mining
Alluvial gold mining and primary gold exploration in Indonesian Papua.
Air Freight and Aircraft Maintenance
Air freight in eastern Indonesia and aircraft maintenance.
Geological Exploration and Mining
Mineral exploration and mining contractor.
Aurora Hi-Tech Power Elements
Vertically integrated Li-NMC rechargeable battery cell manufacturing with own manganese and nickel-cobalt mining.
Atomik Motors
Electric motorcycle manufacturing in Indonesia.
Aurora International Technologies Pte Ltd
Small and medium satellite manufacturing in Southeast Asia in cooperation with the Russian aerospace industry.
Consulting and Legal
Assistance in establishing and doing business in Indonesia.
Yayasan Cahya Sukarsa Rembaka
Indonesian NGO helping our and our partners companies fulfil their CSR obligations.
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